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astrocycle - Astrological Life Purpose Reading

astrocycle - Astrological Life Purpose Reading

With the important cycles of initiation report there are times in a persons life , different ages when we all go through certain planetary initiation cycles such as the first Saturn return 28 to 30 yrs old, and the second one 58 to 60 , and also such as the Uranus opposition 40 to 42 often termed as a time of feeling of midlife crisis when it feels like the “full moon” moment of the personal Uranus transit cycle. There are many like Lunar returns and reversals and oppositions, Pluto square Pluto from 36 to 38, Jupiter returns, and Neptune square Neptune 42 to 44. Chiron returns etc. The initiation cycles I am talking about are mostly with the outer planets, but of course in relationship with your chart and personal planets as well. In my view we are almost always in some kind of initiation cycle…definitely in some kind of cycle!! We can also be getting ready for one , or sort of integrating one! Please complete this form and remember to include your question/circumstance. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button, below. You will get an e-mail confirmation of your submission after your place your order. After payment, please allow 24 to 48 hours for your e-mail reading to arrive - and a little longer for team, past life and spirit readings.




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